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FIFA 17: Tips for Youth Scouting

If you ask me what’s the most popular sports video game now? Certainly, the answer will be FIFA 17 doubtlessly! Have you got played yet? The FIFA 17 was developed by EA Sports September 27, 2016 rely on the real-world FIFA statistics and rules. Last week the FUT 17 Qualifier held in Seattle and the final will be in May. Let’s look forward to it.

Now let’s get down to our business. Whether you’re veteran of rookie for FIFA 17, this guides will certainly brings you about useful tricks about how to scout. We’ll explain what each kinds of player means and what typess of players you should search for.


List of Types



Defensive Minded


Physically strong


Technically Gifted



Although it is no a certain type of player, it is still worth mentioning. This selection means that you can’t expect the type of the player that scout will bring back to you. He will search for all kinds of players.

That means your scout’s experience rating will not impact anymore. The search result will most influenced by scout’s judgment ability.


With ‘attacker’ option, your scout will find you two main types of player: wide players and wingers; and central midfielders and central attacking midfielders. Unfortunately, he will not bring you any strikers though. This has been a problem for years in FIFA games, but if you want to find some strikers, tell you scout to look for ‘physically strong‘, ‘technically gifted‘ or ‘winger‘ type player.

Attackers of wingers usually excel at speed, so not only winger but also central midfielder or CAM are both suitable for them.

Defensive minded defensive midfielders are much better. Although their physical are middling, their strong passing and tackling abilities make them the very useful ball-winner in the middle of the pitch. Although defensive minded central midfielders usually have similar stats, their OVR will be lower because they lack the dribbling skills that affect their rating.



Maybe you complained about the of the players’ type that scout find for you, indeed they always make mistakes of it. But situations are different in scouting a GK.

Even if you tell your non-experience scout to find a GK for you, he will not fool you anymore.

Physically Strong

As always, a physically strong player usually has great physical stats. They can be both fast and strong, as well as having excellent stamina and jumping abilities. That makes them good in several different roles. It’s especially good in defense, where both centre backs and full backs benefit from being fast and strong. It means they’re more able to deal with a number of different defenders.

In midfield, physically strong players usually excel at tackling, with passing and distance shooting not far behind. That makes them great box-to-box midfielders, something aided by their good pace and stamina.



Playmaker always comes in two types: good at passing or good at free kicks. The passing type player is better than free kicks, they will also have decent long shoot and ball-control rate.

You can find playmaker wide players, their dribbling and crossing stats aren’t particularly great. Their good passing makes them indispensable in midfield.

And it’s possible to find playmaker center backs. But remember to avoid those who lack of strength jumping and tackling.

Technically Gifted

Technically gifted strikers are wide players in FIFA 17. And if you drill them with considerable pace and dribbling will make them a decent striker too. You can also find technically gifted midfielders. They have splendid ball-control rate and good dribbling and free-kick competence.


Every winger is good at short distance acceleration so you need not to care much about their pace. Once you got them from your scout you can train them into a even higher pace. You can find wingers as strikers, centre forwards and even wide players. No matter what their position is, their main technical strengths lie in their dribbling, crossing and long shots, with free kick accuracy and good ball-control rate.

Their pace and dribbling competence make them possible for an attacker who can run at defenders and beat them with their dribbling skills.

Only when you master the right method of FIFA youth scouting will we accomplish a satisfied lineup for yourself. Thank you for your reading.

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