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FIFA 17: How to Confuse Your Opponent

Fake move is a kind of skill which can help you confuse your opponents and keep possession in FIFA 17. it has a great community among all level of players. today we will introduce some of them for you.


Fake Shot Turn

It's easy to do with players. the function of this skill move is to open up space, and the opponents have no chance to dribble with. here are some effective ways to play this skill move. first, power up your shot, then cancel it by pressing one of your pass buttons. while canceling, move the left stick in a different direction and woila, you've successfully pulled off the fake shot turn. most players use a fake shot turn at long range to make you think they're going for the long shot. don't expect a hing rate of success.
second, when you're passing forward, waiting at the edge of the box. be patient, switch to the right player, and do the right tackle, make a fake shot turn for the easy goal.

Scoop Turn
First off you need to make sure you have a 4* skiller or above. Secondly, you are executing the skill move incorrectly.Rather than just pulling to the left or right and then doing a fake pass, you need to do more of a circular motion. Kinda like doing a half roulette. Scoop Turn action essentials is basically when the players themselves parallel with the defender, suddenly out of the ball players available body will anti- behind the defender, cut into the ball inside his own penalty area hit the door or pass.

Fake Pass
When you are stuck by opponent's defender, and you don't have chance to pass ball, fake pass can help you break through the effective line. just change the direction, and you can pass the ball easily.

Fake Pass Control
Xbox one-hold RT, Press X, and then Press A.
Ps4-hold R2, Press X.
Either of these will work, but i always use the fake pass control, as it is move forgiving, you will get more time before you press A.
Fake Throw In Controls
Performing the fake throw in is exactly the same as performing a fake pass/shot.
Fake Shot Controls
B then A and the direction you want to fake on Xbox, Circle the X and direction on PlayStation.
Fake Pass Controls
X then A and direction (Xbox), Square then X and direction (PlayStation)
Either of these will work but I always use the fake pass controls as it’s more forgiving, you get more time after pressing X before you have to press A. (or Square then X)

Turn & Burn
The Turn & Burn is a technique that uses the fake shot as a first touch while giving the attacking player 3 advantages: the ability to square up quickly, receive an additional burst of pace on the turn, and safety in terms of improving first touch control. It’s a nice way to punish opponents who are defending with the computer AI or overplaying with pressure.

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