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Home > NEWS > Escape From Tarkov's expansive Interchange map is getting completely reworked in an upcoming patch

Escape From Tarkov's expansive Interchange map is getting completely reworked in an upcoming patch

Despite having been released in Early Access form almost three years ago, Escape From Tarkov is still in beta. The big disadvantage of playing a game that's still in beta is that sometimes things change a whole lot. In the case of Tarkov, that means they’ll soon have to rethink their strategies for the Interchange map. While the preliminary patch notes don't detail what changes are being made to the shopping center-themed map, PCGamesn has picked up that new exfil points are being added, meaning players will have a new set of exits to memorize.

From a design perspective, Interchange is one of the most favorite maps for the whole Tarkov community. The only problem players are facing is the extraction campers, which are the easiest to be found on Interchange. With the current extraction points on both corners of the map, it’s quite an easy loot for those who decide to camp, simple as that.

After more than a year, Interchange will finally be different with the next patch, and we cannot wait to see the new extraction points and the tasks behind each one of them. But that’s not all! Interchange will also receive utterly new lighting. So far, players roaming in the parking lot on the ground floor may have been seen by players running the game without shadows. Players who are roaming on the outskirts of the map have a considerable advantage overall. If you are in need of Cheap Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “5MMO”.

Version 0.12.4 will also introduce some new systems to the game. Your character will be able to suffer from a debuff called fatigue, which will appear if you spend too much time with your stamina depleted. Once it’s active, you’ll consume energy faster than normal, keeping you from being able to sprint, jump, or mantle over objects as readily.

Apart from the new exits, Battlestate Games, the studio behind Escape from Tarkov, hasn't said what exactly they've changed in Interchange. The new exits will be important, especially for fans who play as Scavs, as they'll need to learn where they are if they want to escape with all the loot they find in the mall. The studio also mentioned that the rework would feature new lighting, which should make it easier for players in the parking lot to hide in the shadows. Interactive objects will also be coming to the map.

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