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Discussion of Cheapish HB and FB That Can Be Boosted to 99 OVR in Madden NFL Mobile

If you are expert in playing Madden NFL on mobile device, a cheapish HB and FB will help you to save Madden NFL Mobile coins to buy better players; if you are a beginner of the game, then you need to be careful with your coins and your choice of players you want to buy because there is always a lack of coins when you find one player you are really fond of. So today we will recommend some players of HB and FB whose OVR will be boosted to 99 and also it is cheap enough for you to afford.

97 Mack Strong for FB

Before you choose the proper player for FB, you must know the position clearly. Because a player will do a good job if he is put in the right position. Otherwise even though he was an excellent player he would fail. The second problem needed to be noticed is the amount of coins. If we try to achieve a balance between the two, we will get our answer: Mack Strong.Born on 11th , September,1971, Mack Carlington Strong was ever an American football player who served as a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL) for fourteen seasons. What’s more, you can easily gain him with 300k coins


95 Rawls Can Be Had for HB

If you ask fans of NHL for the best HB player, most of them will give you the answer: Rawls(OVR 95). And he even costs us less than Mack Strong. If you have 140k coins, you can let Thomas Rawls play for you. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Born on the third day of August, 1993, American Running Back Thomas Rawls plays for Seattle Seahawks of NFL. And in the year of 2015, he was signed as a free agent by Seahawks. I believe this is a wise choice of Seahawks. 

Madden NFL Mobile-Thomas Rawls.jpg More suggestions and strategies for Madden NFL Mobile will be shared here. And if you have any demand for Madden NFL Mobile coins, please choose us. We are the most credible online store and all of your private information will be well protected here. Also, the price will be friendly.  

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