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Close-Up of NHL 18 the Best Ice Hockey Video Game

NHL 18 has been published recently, and we’ve got first-hand information about this EA Sports annual product and made a comprehensive analyze and squad building strategy. From 12 to 80, all age groups of people are suitable for this game. No matter whether you like to play this sport or not, or even just seen professional ice hockey matches on TV, this game can introduce you into the game step by step. You can learn the basic rules or this sport or practice the skills in the game, or play it like an arcade to kill time. There’re no barrier to join the world-wide Ice hockey video game, and there’re some innovations upon original version of this sport.


As for NHL 18, it only provides PS4 & Xbox One Platform support, which means you can’t play it on PC and Switch. To be frank, NHL franchise was not a competent rival for FIFA or Madden franchise as always, it’s a well-deserved niche product and mostly popular in high latitudes countries like Russia, Canada, North America, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and so on. Ice hockey was derived from hockey since approximate 1855, participants wore a pair of bone-made ice skate sliding on frozen river, holding a hockey stick chasing and hitting the wood-made puck into opponent’s goal. This is the modern ice hockey’s archetype.

As for NHL 18, one really decent part is that the suggestions that pop up to your character. Little boy loves to use it for shooting especially. The net is colorful where the blue and white enhances each other’s beauty, and a target appears where you’re aiming. Aiming has become easier since this peculiar design. Faceoff is also easier in NHL 18 as well, compared with NHL 17, which for me is amazing as I’ve never won a single faceoff in any mode previously.


It didn't take long before we realized the most entertaining part of this game and for sports video game is, the rights to play with different team mascots. Fir the first time, I confront with Edmonton Oilers revealed the Oilers' brand new mascot Hunter. The Canadian Lynx looks very real, and with skates on it gives us a whole new feeling when sliding on the rink. And every NHL 18 mascot is a player that eventually you will unlock on your hunt for the HUT trophy.

NHL 18 now provides one of the most customizable franchise modes for gamers, which says a lot about not only EA Canada’s scope in what has always been to sports game, but also the NHL’s will to let the developers play around with their child.

Evolution items are new in HUT mode for NHL 18. Last year’s version of NHL featured a special set called remember items. Evolution items replace these items and specially, living player cards. These cards will grow with the player’s real-world performance of season matches.


Those items can be got by opening HUT packs or completing the Evolution set. The Evolution items list refreshed every week. There will be new Evolution player items unveiled every Thursday at 5 PM too, and will last for 7 days. In addition, every Thursday there will be an Evolution set available from 5 PM.

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