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Home > NEWS > A Green Arrow-themed skin is on its way to Fortnite come January

A Green Arrow-themed skin is on its way to Fortnite come January

Buy Fortnite Account A Green Arrow-themed skin is on its way to Fortnite come January, but a select few lucky members of the battle royale's subscription service found the character set early this week. The Emerald Archer is just the latest in a collection of DC Comics characters to appear in Fortnite, on top of several other pop culture crossovers.

Green Arrow, or as known in the show the Arrow, often wears a bycocket hat with a feather in it like Robin Hood, as well as a green tunic. His look in the CW show is modernized a bit with a hood and an armored, green and black body suit. This is the depiction that Fortnite has chosen for the Green Arrow crossover. This skin was leaked by a few users, who were accidentally granted access to it. And what else to do when you get an unreleased skin, but dance?

Players who received the skin immediately took to using it in game and sharing pictures and video footage. The skin is a perfect replica of Green Arrow and includes his quiver for a backpack and a green boxing glove pickaxe.

For those not aware of how it works, Crews rolled out back in November and offers folks who sign up several goodies including full access to each season’s Battle Pass, 1000 V-Bucks to be spent how they see fit and an exclusive cosmetic bundle delivered to eligible accounts, all for $11.99 a month. Unsurprisingly, the latter of these perks has served as the most enticing, as the character and weapon skins distributed here cannot be obtained anywhere else for the foreseeable future.

Twitter user YouTubeCDNR shared a video of the hooded character dancing with glow sticks and performing other emotes, as well as fighting with a sword and a gun. The design appears to be modeled after Oliver Queen from the CW series Arrow, played by Stephen Amell. Another leaked image from arusaurZ_YT showed a green arrow back bling set and a green boxing glove.

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