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A Brief Analysis of the Strategy of Games’ Launch Days Based on FIFA 18’s Release Date

We have been exposed to possible release dates of FIFA 18 since 2 months ago. How can they make the predictions? You must know the answer that they jump to the conclusion according to the previous release dates of FIFA series. It seemed to have a certain rule here. So what’s rule? Or what’s the strategy behind the rule? Why publishers of EA decide to choose September instead of other months? Hereby the article will provide you with a brief analysis for all questions above.

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Cater To the Habit of Western People

First, publishers of EA Sports must take sales into consideration. So they have to have an analysis of people’s psychology. Usually, they will try their best to avoid the very date of Festivals. Because people will care nothing but celebrate the festival on that day. However, the release date must be within people’s holiday. If it is not, they will have no time to transfer their attention to it. Sometimes, the release date will be near to a certain festival so that they will have some special offers to attract people’s attention. 

Autumn—A Season for Almost All Popular Sports Games

If you have looked back to all release dates of NFL, NHL and FIFA series, you will find that all publishers favor the autumn. Most often we will have NFL at the end of August, NHL in mid September, NBA in the early October. In addition, PES and FIFA are usually accessible to us at the end of September. They will be released after the Kick-off day of European Super League. So FIFA 18 will come into our sight in the last week of September. Our team members are also keen on FIFA. So we will continue to focus on FIFA 18 and share our viewpoints with you. And since we are also FIFA 18 fans so we have a better understanding of your demand for cheap FIFA 18 coins. Please take our website into your first consideration for its safe payment and quick disposal.

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