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Diablo Immortal is Diablo, but in a different format

Much has been speculated since the announcement by Blizzard (Blizzcon 2018) about the development of a version of Diablo for mobile, since many purist fans of this title did not like the idea at all and they threw a lot of hate at this developer.

During BlizzConline, the house of Irvine also reserved ample space for the awaited Diablo Immortal, a mobile and free-to-play version of the demonic hack 'n' slash par excellence.

It's Diablo, but in a different format; somewhat simpler in some respects, but as fun as you’d expect This includes the very act of equipping your hero with the best weapons and legendary items, playing with their stats, trying out new abilities and sets of equipment. Objects that of course you can improve in the blacksmith investing raw materials, gold and the already iconic gems without feeling that your hours of play are wasted, since by finding an object of greater value you can transfer these improvements to your new team. Ideal to focus on what matters, which is killing demons, exploring dungeons and getting more and better weapons. Obviously I have a lot to see, this alpha test is limited to level 45, but these first hours have shown me a great action and role-playing game that adapts perfectly to the mobile format.

The slight difference is that before the full level, you can receive rewards for each map (where to fight a few monsters), and enter the secret realm to buy treasures. Among them, the number of monsters in the secret realm is the largest, and it is easy to encounter multiple groups of elite monsters at the same time.

The biggest difference between combat and Diablo 3 is that there are only 5 skills. In addition to killing monsters’ blood cells, the potion can accumulate up to three cans. Therefore, it’s impossible to punch too hard when fighting monsters, especially when you encounter some special tricks. Secret ray, etc., still have to move.

The gameplay is fun, intuitive and fluid, although I must admit that I missed the mana / energy and life bubbles a lot, since being a game for a mobile device some things had to change as was the way to charge your ultimate to destroy more monsters.

Diablo Immortal seems to have a if a really difficult road, since it will not be easy to find the consent of a large fanbase used to foiling the plans of the evil one on platforms very different from mobile ones. Nonetheless, it remains a truly intriguing project as it bears witness to the evolution Blizzard has gone through all this time.

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